Manufacturer of thermal protection equipment for campervans and motorhomes and wooden terraces for mobile homes


We have continued our traditional production of awnings for both standard and special caravans (lifting roof caravans and trailer tents), but this has evolved over time, with the focus now on more technical awnings, like our easy to set up inflatable version.

We have been able to meet demand for caravans for over 30 years through our extensive range.



In 1999, we chose to diversify our business, moving into the production of wooden terraces and accessories for mobile homes. This is now our main line of business, with our terraces available for sale across Europe.

We offer a wide range of personalised products, meeting the needs of both professionals (for the rental market) and individuals (for the residential market). Supporting our customers remains very much at the core of what we do, with our personnel regularly involved in assembling our terraces on campsites.


In 2011, we chose to diversify once again, expanding our range to include equipment for campervans and motorhomes.

This includes external and internal thermal protections, marketed under Thermoval® and Thermicamp®, as well as additional spaces (Spacecamp‏®). In the space of a few years, Clairval has become a leading player on the French market.

The 2020 season saw the launch of Isoval®, a high-performance, multi-layer insulating compound for campervans, cabovers, low-profile motorhomes. 



All Clairval products are marketed B2B (between professionals). Our campervan equipment and awnings are distributed by a network of dealers, while our terraces are sold to campsites, tour operators and dealers.

The innovation and adaptation of the French brand Clairval motivates the daily life of Clairval - as you will see in our catalogues. This new website will help to boost the visibility of our expertise.


Our loyal staff have been welcoming in the new generation as we continue to grow.

We are proud that we still have employees with us who were there when the company was founded back in 1987. Being able to celebrate 30 years together reflects the positive relationship our directors have with their staff.

We strive to preserve our manufacturing expertise through a support and training programme for new recruits. Take the production process for our awnings for example, our initial line of business, which is explained to each new arrival. Recruits are also supported in getting to grips with our production machinery, such as our automatic cutter or our high frequency welder.

The goal is to pass on our expertise in order to maintain the quality of our products and services.