An external insulating cover for the best possible thermal protection for your low-profile motorhome

Thermoval Luxe

thermoval luxe Clairval, external thermal protection for campervans, cabovers,low-profile and motorhomes

High-end insulation for low-profile/ cabover motorhome and campervans/ vans 

The ultimate external insulating cover ! Delivers unrivalled efficiency through an innovative material used to maintain refrigeration in cold storage.

Can be opened up to let light in without having to fully remove the cover.

Product design
  • A tailor-made product for low-profile/ cabover motorhomes and campervans / vans that adjusts to fit the bodywork of your vehicle.
  • Anti-theft mechanism: fits internally using the special suction pads.
  • The cover lies completely flat against the vehicle::
    • a “rucksack buckle” attachment on the elastic goes below each of the wing mirrors,
    • the cover sits below your windscreen wipers, preventing any cold draughts on your windscreen
  • Easy to open and close using the Velcro® fasteners, ensuring it remains airtight when closed.
  • Comes with polyester storage bag: easy to store and always there when you need it.
the benefits
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Thermal insulation against both cold and heat.
  • 100% watertight and opaque.
  • Easy and secure set-up.
  • Easy maintenance: simply wipe dry with a sponge.
  • Takes up very little space for storage.
  • Reduces condensation.
  • UV protection and fire-resistant.
can be adapted to* 
  • CITRÖEN Space Tourer-Jumpy
    • from 09/2016 on
  • FIAT
    • Ducato / CITRÖEN Jumper / PEUGEOT Boxer from 1993 on
    • Talento from 2014 on
  • FORD
    • Transit from 2000 on
    • Sprinter from 2006 on
  • OPEL
    • Vivaro from 09/2014 on
  • PEUGEOT Expert / Traveller
    • from 09/2016 on
    • Master from 1997 on
    • Trafic from 2001 on
  • TOYOTA ProAce
    • from 09/106 on
    • Transporter T5-T6 from 2003 on
    • Crafter from 2006 on

*Speak to your dealer to see if your vehicle is Thermoval® compatible




Thermoval® Luxe
Assembly and instruction video

click on the thumbnail to display the video in fullscreen modeassembly tutorial video for the Thermoval Luxe thermal protection for campervans

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