Our expertise: high-quality products and materials created and manufactured in France

french brand  

The Clairval company has been a French brand since its creation.

Our approach to human resources, which is based on approachability and development, means we only work with qualified, experienced and versatile personnel.

Through our ambitious policy of investing in our production machinery, we have been able to optimise our production flows and innovation on a daily basis.


For more than 30 years, Clairval has been proactive in all areas of our business, with R&D, marketing and production all working together to develop new products each year.

One of our most recent developments is a range of thermal insulation equipment for campervans and motorhomes.

customer service

Customer service is very important to us, with our distribution network active across France and in neighbouring countries.

Our R&D and marketing departments are on-hand to discuss your expectations, give advice, supply spare parts and provide support with custom projects

We handle all aspects of the logistics chain (raw materials, production flows and deliveries), meaning we are constantly able to meet client needs, while the partnership we have with our hauliers enables us to stay responsive. This means we are able to optimise delivery timeframes both in France and elsewhere in Europe, with unloading provided across all our sectors.

choose quality

Our specialist suppliers have a reputation for high-quality products and materials - essential for high-end manufacturing.