Top-of-the-range blackout curtain with thermal insulation for A-Class motorhome

Isoval Intégral

logo for the Isoval Intégral, Clairval’s multi-layer thermal cover for A-class campervans
Made-to-measure insulating cover for A-class motorhomes 

This external insulating cover delivers the best possible insulation and adjusts to fit the front of each individual vehicle*.

The Tenax® fastening system means it is easy to set up and helps to keep the cover fully taut.

Product design
  • Made-to-measure for motorhomes, adjusts to fit windscreen and windscreen wipers, wing mirrors, driver-side door and passenger-side window.
  • Anti-theft mechanism: attaches to the inside using special suction pads.
  • The cover stays fully flat against the vehicle :
    • Tenax® fasteners (on the passenger side) help to ensure the product remains perfectly taut
    • the cover sits below your windscreen wipers, preventing any cold draughts on your windscreen .
  • Easy to open and close using the Velcro strips, ensuring the cover stays airtight when closed.
  • Comes with polyester storage bag: easy to store and always there when you need it.
The most 
  • An insulating complex: excellence in insulation
  • 2-year warranty
  • 4-season waterproof thermal protection against cold and heat for better indoor comfort
  • 100% watertight, no risk of leakage
  • Opaque, protecting your dashboard against UV rays
  • Reduces condensation
  • UV-protection
  • Easy and safe to set up and mount
  • Easy to store, takes up little space
Can be adapted to*
  • ARCA Europa / America 
  • AUTOSTAR Série I (Passion, Prestige, Privilège)/ Auros/ Athénor/ Axéa
  • BAVARIA Initial/ Arctic/ Baltic/ Fjord
  • BENIMAR Amphitryon/ Aristeo
  • CARADO Série I
  • CHALLENGER / Sirius
  • CHAUSSON / Exaltis
  • C.I. Mizar/ Magis/ Nacre/ Horon
  • DETHLEFFS Trend/ Advantage-Magic Edition/ Esprit/ Globetrotter XLI 
  • ELNAGH I-Loft/ Magnum
  • ETRUSCO Intégral
  • FLEURETTE Discover
  • FLORIUM Wincester/ Landcaster
  • FRANKIA M-Line/ Platin (MERCEDES car)
  • ITINEO all models (except  for MB car)
  • LAIKA Kosmo
  • MC LOUIS Nevis séries 800 - 300 / Ness
  • MOBILVETTA K-Yacht/ K-Yacht Tekno Line
  • MOOVEO (mirror down or up)
  • NOTIN I.Progress
  • PILOTE Galaxy/ Aventura/ Explorateur/ Référence
  • RAPIDO Séries  9 - 10 - 90 - Distinction ( FIAT car)/ 8F-82dF and M series ( MERCEDES car)
  • ROLLERTEAM Pegaso/ Zefiro/ Kronos
  • SUNLIGHT Intégral

* To check whether your vehicle can be fitted with an ISOVAL®, please consult your dealer.

We recommend that a professional fits the Tenax® fasteners on the bodywork in order to ensure correct installation.


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