External insulating cover for the best possible thermal protection for your campervan or motorhome

Isoval Luxe

logo for the Isoval Luxe, Clairval’s thermal cover for campervans, cabovers and motorhomes

High-end multi-layer insulation for campervans and motorhomes

The number one external multi-layer insulation. This exclusive 11-layer compound was developed in the construction industry for insulating detached houses

Can be opened up to allow light in without the need to remove the cover

Product design
  • A bespoke product for campervans / overcabs / motorhomes & vans, which adjusts to fit the bodywork of your vehicle..
  • Anti-theft mechanism: attaches to the inside using special suction pads
  • The cover stays fully flat against the vehicle :
    • the cover sits below your windscreen wipers, preventing any cold draughts on your windscreen 
    • a “rucksack buckle” attachment on the elastic goes below each of the wing mirrors
  • Easy to open and close using the Velcro strips, ensuring the cover stays airtight when closed
  • Comes with polyester storage bag: easy to store and always there when you need it
The benefits
  • 11-layer insulating compound: excellent insulation
  •  2-year warranty
  • Airtight thermal protection in all seasons against both cold and heat for enhanced indoor comfort
  • 100% watertight, no risk of leakage
  • Opaque, protecting your dashboard against UV rays
  • Reduces condensation
  • UV-protection
  • Easy and safe to set up and mount
  • Easy to store, takes up little space
Can be adapted to*
  • FIAT Ducato / CITRÖEN Jumper / PEUGEOT Boxer
    • from 06/2006 on
    • from 1993 to 2006 on
  • FORD Transit
    • from 06/2014 on
    • from  2006 to 2014 on


* To check whether your vehicle can be fitted with an Isoval®, please consult your retailer




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