Internal insulating blackout curtain for pop-up roofs on campervans/ vans

Thermicamp ROOF

The Thermicamp Roof from Clairval - internal insulation for pop-up roofs on motorhomes and vans

Internal thermal insulation for pop-up roofs on campervans/ vans.

Delivers enhanced comfort for the coldest nights and sunny days alike.

Cosy and snug thanks to its grey polyester lining.

Product design
  • A made-to-measure product for campervans/ vans* with pop-up roofs, which adjusts to fit the original fabric cover.
  • Quick to install using its easy attachment system:
    • Snap fasteners attached to the ceiling of the pop-up roof, Velcro strip applied to the base of the roof (sheet metal).
    • Easy storage: can be folded in two on the mattress of the pop-up roof or rolled into its storage bag.
    • The zip openings at the side and at the front allow access to the fabric of the pop-up roof without having to remove the insulation. This lets you ventilate the interior by opening up the covers on the vehicle, allowing air to circulate and reducing condensation.
the benefits
  • Made in France. 2-year warranty.
  • Optimum comfort: protects against both cold and heat
  • Blackout cover for enhanced privacy
  • Zip openings
  • Easy fastening mechanism
  • Cosy atmosphere
  • Easy upkeep and storage
can be adapted to*
    • Cap Land since 09/2014
    • Mirande S from  09/2014 to 06/2017 
    • Citroën Space Tourer since 09/2017
    • Toyota ProAce since 09/2019
    • Cap Fun from 09/2017 to06/2018
    • Cap Life since 09/2018
    • Auto Camp since04/2015
    • Auto Camp XL since 09/2016
    • Marco Polo since 09/2014
    • R499 since 09/2017
    • R535 since 09/2017
    • Durban since 09/2019
    • Melbourne since 09/2018
    • Transporter California T4 phase 1 from 09/1990 to 12/1995
    • Transporter California T5 / T6 since 06/2003
    • Jules Verne since 09/2016
    • Kepler since 09/2016

* To check whether your vehicule can be fitted with a Thermicamp® ROOF, please consult your retailer.

We recommend that a professional fits the snap fasteners to the inside of the roof in order to ensure correct installation.


Thermicamp® Roof assembly and instruction video : 
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Assembly tutorial video for Thermicamp Roof internal insulation for vans or motorhomes with pop-up roofs

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