An innovative interior insulation concept for your campervans/ vans

Thermicamp material

A high-performance, lightweight, multi-layer insulating material specially developed for the internal insulation of campervans/ vans.

Thermicamp® is just as effective against cold as it is against heat.

Enhanced blackout capacity and comfort.

Manufactured entirely in France

Material concept
  • The 7-layer insulation concept used to produce the Thermicamp® range is the perfect blend of performance and style.
    • 1 grey polyester textile lining for a cosy atmosphere
    • 1 layer of non-woven fabric for enhanced durability
    • 1 layer of recycled wadding to create a first air mattress
    • 1 layer of simple PEPP (polyethylene/polypropylene), a material made from recycled plastic to create a thermal barrier
    • 2 layers of wadding layered one on top of the other to create a second air mattress
    • 1 outer layer made from reinforced metallised polyester.
  • The layered stitched structure, diamond design and fast PVC bias finish ensure a perfect, long-lasting fit..
  • Its opacity delivers enhanced shade for greater comfort. UV-resistant and hard-wearing, it will retain its quality over time.
  • Made entirely in our workshop in France:
    • Reliable quality production
    • We keep permanent stocks, meaning our products are always available,
    • 2-year warranty.

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