Insulating cover for rear doors and tailgates of campervans/ vans

Thermicamp DOOR

Clairval Thermicamp Door, an insulating cover for rear doors or tailboards on vans and motorhomes

Internal thermal insulation for rear doors and tailgates of campervans/ vans

An effective barrier against the cold, providing enhanced insulation by eliminating thermal bridges,

Boot access without having to remove the insulation, 

Cosy and snug thanks to its grey polyester lining.

Product design
  • Product adjusts to fit the rear section of  campervans/ vans*.
  • Easy to put up when you set up camp: the Tenax® snap fasteners adapt perfectly to the internal layout of each vehicle (plastic housing, items of furniture)
  • Items stored in the boot can be accessed without having to remove the insulation :
    • covers mounted using Velcro strips can be opened like curtains, allowing access to the boot without the need to remove the insulation;
    • the zips can be raised halfway for large format opening.
  • Storage advice:
    • because it is set up inside the vehicle, it can be kept permanently assembled: it does not obstruct access to the doors, which are airtight when closed for storage,
    • simply fold it in two and roll it up prior to slipping it into its storage bag
the benefits
  • Made in France. 2-year warranty.
  • Optimum comfort: protects against both cold and heat
  • Blackout cover for enhanced privacy
  • Boot access without having to remove the insulation.
  • Easy fastening mechanism
  • Cosy atmosphere
  • Easy upkeep and storage
can be adapted to*
  • FIAT
    • Ducato MH2 + MH3 / CITRÖEN Jumper / PEUGEOT Boxer since 06/2006
    • Talento since 09/2014
  • FORD
    • Transit since 09/2014 
    • Transit Custom since 09/2014
    • Classe V (Viano) since 04/2014
    • Vito since 11/2014
  • OPEL
    • Vivaro since 09/2014
    • Master since 06/2010
    • Trafic since 09/2014
    • Transporter T5-T6 since 2003
    • Transporter T4 from 1990 to 2003

*To check whether your vehicle can be fitted with a Thermicamp®, please consult your distributor.

We recommend that a professional fits Tenax® snap fasteners to the bodywork in order to ensure correct installation.


Thermicamp® DOOR assembly and instruction video : 
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Thermicamp® DOOR assembly and instruction video

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