Multi-function awning that fits at the rear of your converted van

Rear Spacecamp tent

rear spacecamp® tent
Equipment for vans: an additional room for when you set up camp !

The Spacecamp rear tent is multi-functional and can be used as a shower cabin, a dinner area or for storage!

The Tenax® snap fasteners mean you can attach it to the tailboard of your vehicle in just a few minutes (double-door motorhome version also available)

Compact enough to be stored in a small cupboard.

Product design
  • Made-to-measure product for vans which adjusts to fit the shape of your vehicle
  • 2 versions to meet the needs of each vehicle :
    • TAILGATE : fits to your tailgate,
    • DOUBLE-DOOR: fits to a rail that goes on the roof of your van; the special frame provided (anti-corrosion treated steel) supports the roof
  • Takes no time at all to put up when you set up camp :
    • simply hang from your tailgate using the Tenax® snap fasteners, which adjust to fit the internal layout of each vehicle, 
    • and stretch by tying to the ground using the pegs.
  • Special features: :
    • zip-close door for direct access from the outside
    • transparent PVC window with blackout cover for greater privacy
  • Designed as an extra room, it leads directly into the inside of the vehicle.
  • High-quality production:
    • Ten Cate® polyester fabric with acrylic coating: waterproof, breathable, hard-wearing and easy to clean
    • Fast grey PVC bias, PVC mudflap.
  • Easy to store away: can be kept in a small cupboard once rolled up in its storage bag
the benefits
  • Made in France. 2-year warranty.
  • A multi-function product.
  • Window with flap for greater privacy.
  • Door for access from the outside.
  • Ten Cate breathable, watertight fabric.
  • Easy to attach.
  • Easy to store away, takes up little space
can be adapted to *
  • FIAT
    • Talento since 09/2014
  • FORD
    • Transit Custom since 09/2014
    • Classe V (Viano)  since 04/2014
    • Vito  since 11/2014
  • OPEL
    • Vivaro since 09/2014
    • Trafic since 09/2014
    • Transporter T5-T6 since 2003
  • CITROEN since 09/2016
    • Space Tourer -Jumpy
  • PEUGEOT since 09/2016
    • Expert - Traveller
  • TOYOTA since 09/2016
    • ProAce

* To check if your vehicle can be fitted with a Rear Spacecamp® tent, please consult your retailer

We recommend that Tenax® screws are fitted to the bodywork by a professional to ensure that they are fitted correctly and last for a long time.

Rear Spacecamp® tent assembly and instruction video : 
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Rear Spacecamp® tent assembly and instruction video

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